Andrea Cola, AI Engineer, BIP xTech

Andrea, 28 years old, studied at the Polytechnic University of Milan, specialising in software engineering, artificial intelligence, and data science. He conducted his master's thesis at BIP xTech in the field of AI-based Data Quality, contributing to the development of a digital asset stemming from the thesis.

Andrea transitioned to a full-time role at BIP xTech as a data scientist for 2 years and later played a key role in establishing the new AI engineering practice, taking on the position of Expert AI Engineer. He focuses on digital assets based on Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI. Additionally, Andrea has expertise in MLOps platforms on Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure, with in-depth experience in NLP and Vision tasks.

Lately, he has been dedicated to studying Generative AI on the Edge of devices.

  • Integrating Conversational Agents with Scalable Cloud Serverless Architecture
Dario Sabella, Senior Manager Standards and Research, Intel Corporation

Dario works with INTEL as Senior Manager Standards and Research, driving new technologies and edge cloud innovation for advanced systems, involved in ecosystem engagement and coordinating internal alignment on edge computing across standards and industry. In 2021 he was elected as Chairman of ETSI MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing), while from 2019 he was serving as vice-chairman, previously Lead of Industry Groups, and from 2015 vice-chair of IEG WG. Since 2017 he served also as delegate of 5GAA (5G Automotive Association) and Lead of gMEC4AUTO. Before 2017 he worked in TIM (Telecom Italia), as responsible in various research, experimental and operational activities on OFDMA technologies (LTE, 5G). He is Innovation Manager at 6G Flagship EU project Hexa-X. Author of several publications (80+) and patents (50+) in the field of wireless communications, energy efficiency and edge computing, Dario is IEEE senior member and has also organised several workshops and conferences. Since 2022 he is also Senior Associate Editor in the Editorial Board of IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine.

  • Making AI explainable together with Federated Learning
Davide Mantovani, Web/AI Platform Leader, Synesthesia

Davide is an engineer with work experience in various IT fields: he worked around the world on medical research for a few years and now holds the position of Web/AI Platform Leader in Synesthesia as part of the CTO group. He loves creating teams and working with them, communicating and listening. He also has experience as a teacher and speaker. He is (of course) a coffee addict, a piano player and a theatre director.

  • Be my copilot - how to pair program with AI
Elio Salvatore, Senior Solutions Engineer, Couchbase

Elio is a seasoned IT professional with over 19 years of experience. He's currently a Senior Solutions Engineer at Couchbase, where he's responsible for driving and managing the technical side of sales engagements with prospects and customers.
Before joining Couchbase, Elio worked as a Solutions Architect in various companies within the financial sector, where he had the opportunity to help solve many complex technical challenges.

  • Discovering Capella iQ: AI-Boosted DBaaS
Emanuele Aiello, PhD Researcher, Politecnico di Torino

Emanuele is a PhD researcher specialising in Multimodal Deep Learning and Generative Models. His work has been published at top-notch conferences like NeurIPS.
Recently, Emanuele expanded his horizons with a Research Internship at Meta AI in Menlo Park. This experience sharpened his practical skills and offered a closer look at real-world AI challenges.
With a strong academic background and a dash of industry experience, Emanuele is on a quest to push the boundaries of the machine learning frontier.

  • Multimodal Large Language Models can Generate Images
Enrico Zimuel, Principal Software Engineer, Elastic

Enrico is a Tech Lead and Principal Software Engineer at Elastic, a Silicon Valley company. He it also an Adjunct Professor of computer science at the University of Turin and teacher of programming at ITS-ICT Piemonte. He has been a programmer since 1996 and has worked on several open source projects, including Zend Framework with more than 500 million downloads. TEDx and International speaker at more than 120 conferences. He recently gave a workshop about LLM and ChatGPT at ReactJsDay 2023 and a talk at PHPDay 2023 on how to integrate ChatGPT with Elasticsearch to solve queries expressed in natural language. More information can be found at

  • Retrieval-Augmented Generation for talking with your private data using LLM
Gianni Rosa Gallina, R&D Technical Lead, Deltatre

Gianni is a Microsoft MVP for the AI category, former Windows Embedded/Development since 2011, focused on emerging technologies, AI and Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality since 2013. Currently he is R&D Technical Lead in Deltatre's Innovation Lab, designing and prototyping next generation solutions for sport related experiences and services, from apps, tools and end-to-end cloud architectures. Besides that, he's an active member of the local community “Torino Technologies Group” (TTG), Pluralsight online courses author, writes articles on his blog and he's speaker in national and international tech conferences and events.

  • AI in Sports: from deep learning to generative AI
  • Generative AI Hands-On: from popular services to DIY solutions
Leonardo Chiariglione, President and Chairman of the Board, MPAI

Leonardo obtained his MS degree from the Turin Polytechnic and his Ph. D. degree from the University of Tokyo.
He has been at the forefront of a range of initiatives that have helped shape media technology and business as we know them today. Among these is the Moving Pictures Experts Group (MPEG) standards committee which he founded and chaired for 32 years.
In September 2020 he proposed and launched MPAI - Moving Picture, Audio and Data Coding by Artificial Intelligence, a non-profit organisation developing AI-enabled data coding standards while bridging the gap between standards and their practical use. In just three years, MPAI has produced 9 technical specifications ranging from audio enhancement to human-machine conversation, company performance prediction, AI app execution. Three new projects are running.
Dr Chiariglione is the recipient of several awards: among these are the IBC John Tucker Award, the Eduard-Rhein Foundation Award, the IEEE Masaru Ibuka Consumer Electronics Award, and the Kilby Foundation Award.
From 2004 to 2020 he was the CEO of, a company providing advanced technologies, solutions, and services and advising major multinationals on digital media matters. Currently he is the President.
Additional information at

  • MPAI - data coding standards for AI
Lorenzo Verna, Independent CTO & AI and Machine Learning Expert

I love to build and invest in the area of AI products and solutions.
I help enterprises implement and adopt AI.

I am an accomplished technology leader, startup founder, and AI expert with a passion for advancing the capabilities of technology through AI and machine learning. Over the course of my career, I've led the ideation and development of unique and innovative technology solutions, built high-performing R&D teams, and managed enterprise-level clients and investments.

With a particular focus on AI-powered products and advanced analytics, my expertise lies in harnessing the power of large language models and machine learning algorithms. My experience spans strategizing and implementing AI capabilities into digital products, building MVPs, and defining company-wide tech strategies.

  • Open Source Large Language Models: An Overview
Luca Gilli, CTO, Clearbox AI

Luca is the mastermind and chief architect of Clearbox’s AI technology. He holds a PhD in computational mathematics from the Delft University of Technology. He worked as a research consultant and software development lead for a consultancy firm for over 5 years in the Netherlands, serving clients in the safe critical industries in the United States, South Africa and Germany.
Luca's expertise lie in developing ML and DL algorithms for predictive analytics and process optimisation of complex business processes. He has also published several high-impact research papers on uncertainty quantification and sensitivity analysis in simulation models and has spoken at international conferences in the US, Japan, and Brazil.

  • Enhancing AI Robustness with High-Quality Synthetic Data
Luca Legora, R&D Technical Project Manager, Deltatre

In his role as an R&D Technical Project Manager at Deltatre, Luca contributes to the Innovation Lab, focusing on pioneering digital, OTT, officiating, and broadcasting solutions for the sports industry. In the last 10 years, his computer engineering background and pivotal contributions have supported technologies used by billions across major sporting events globally.

A certified Agile aficionado, Luca navigates the fast-paced evolution of sports tech with a keen focus on teamwork and collective achievement. His dual passion as a volleyball coach mirrors his professional ethos, underscoring his leadership both on and off the court.

Fueling Luca’s drive is the inventive spirit of the game—the constant quest for the next innovation and the exhilaration of bringing tech dreams to life every single day.

  • AI in Sports: from deep learning to generative AI
Marco Bevilacqua, Associate Solutions Engineer, Couchbase

Over the past 3 years, Marco has acquired a deep understanding of both technical products and the sales process. His background in development has equipped him with the expertise to communicate complex technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders effectively.

  • Discovering Capella iQ: AI-Boosted DBaaS
Marco De Nittis, Independent Cloud Architect

Freelance, technology enthusiast and software development expert, fond of all the aspects of the software development process, from architecture and devops to actual coding.

Marco has worked as a consultant and trainer in both large corporations and smaller enterprises, contributing to a wide variety of projects.

Pragmatic, eclectic and curious, advocate of the Software Craftsmanship, he is lucky to have turned one of his passions into a profession.

  • Integrate LLM in your applications 101
Nicolò Tamagnone, Senior NLP Engineer, Data Friendly Space

I'm a data scientist and NLP researcher with a background in complex systems physics. Currently I work as NLP engineer at Data Friendly Space, an NGO active in the humanitarian and development sector, developing ML/NLP solutions for crisis response and secondary data analysis.

  • Open Source Large Language Models: An Overview
Paolo Galeone, Tech Lead, Zuru Tech

Technical Leader at Zuru Tech and Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning, Paolo Galeone is an experienced computer engineer. Machine Learning with TensorFlow, Go, and C++ development with Unreal Engine are his main areas of expertise. Technical writer for passion, he blogs quite frequently on his blog about the intersection of Unreal Engine, Linux, and Machine Learning. He firmly believes that multidisciplinary and the intersections among different and distant technologies make serendipity possible.

  • Custom model training & deployment on Google Cloud using Vertex AI in Go
Professor Guido Saracco, Rettore, Politecnico di Torino

Professore Ordinario
Dipartimento Scienza Applicata e Tecnologia (DISAT)
Componente Delegazione Parte Datoriale
Presidente Consiglio di Amministrazione
Presidente Senato Accademico

  • Being a Technologist in the AI era
Sara Gemelli

Sara is an AI Engineer graduated as a Mathematical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, with a solid background in statistics, machine learning and cognitive applications. She has been working in BIP xTech for six years started as a Data Scientist and then covering a key role in the foundation of the AI Engineering practice.

  • Integrating Conversational Agents with Scalable Cloud Serverless Architecture